Monday, May 14, 2012

Tarted Up: Darcy & Shawn's Wedding

My handsome fellas
After hustling to finish the border-print cherry dress last week so as to be able to wear it to a wedding, I almost didn't wear it.  Typical.  I started to have second thoughts about whether or not a cotton frock would be appropriate to wear to a late afternoon wedding.  Yes, I am ever critical of dressing appropriately.  But I do know that I have, and do, miss the mark from time to time.  I wanted to make sure that I didn't on Saturday.

A quick review of clothing etiquette suggested that I allow the wedding invitation to be my guide.  Sometimes the invite will specify the level of dress, of course.  This one did not, but it was certainly non-traditional, so I ultimately decided to wear the dress, but to dress it up a bit.

In his suit
To emphasize the Dior-esque New Look silhouette, I wore my Morticia corset underneath.  It whittled away my waist to a gorgeous hourglass while slimming the curve of my hip.  I added seamed stockings, a touch of jewelry and wore my beloved Remix shoes in green.

I pin curled my hair in a wet-set Saturday morning and it turned out lovely.  Very 1950's Elizabeth Taylor, I thought.  Make-up was also retro, but I was most disappointed by how much my liner transferred to my upper lid.  Both the church and the reception hall were on the warmer side and I must've looked like I was melting by the halfway point of the evening.  As such, not many photos of me were taken.

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