Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Step Three: Construct bodice

Pre-adjusted side-seams
My dress bodice is almost complete!

After transferring my pattern to my toile, I basted it together and attempted to fit it to myself. This is always a challenge as I loathe bugging anyone for help. Typically I a test-fit by trying the item on, observing problem areas, then putting the garment onto my dress form to make corrections.

This time the fit was largely okay--would've worked for off the rack--but was a touch large in the bust. Fit fine around the waist, though, so I just lengthened a couple of darts and made note that I still might need to take in the side seams a touch.

Checking the side-seams
Once my toile was altered, it was time to hand baste it to the fashion fabric--a process that went quicker than I figured and was more enjoyable than assumed.

Tuesday I was able to assemble the bodice. Another test-fit revealed that I would need to adjust the side seams, but it was easy work.

Post-adjustment--looks MUCH better!
The most challenging step so far was in trying to turn the bias casing that was supposed to be the button loops. I tried with my bodkin. I tried with needle and thread as suggested in the pattern directions. Heck, even Brian gave it a go. We just could get the blasted tape to turn, so I grabbed some bias tape from my sewing kit and improvised.

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