Thursday, September 22, 2011

What dress? OH! That one!

I cannot believe that it's been WEEKS since the art deco festival, but it has.  And I did manage to finish my ball gown for the event (just barely).  What I failed to do, however, was to take quality photos of said dress with my ample body in it.  Here's a photo taken by friend and fellow deco-phile Patricia:

Sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar
Yes, that's me sporting the stogie.  My dashing husband can been seen to the right wearing a tied bow tie. (Boy, was that a fun lesson.)

I'd hate to leave this post without a recap of the festival, but the baby just won't let me have the time.  Thankfully, 'Tricia posted a few lovely posts about the festival on her blog.  Do go check them out.



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