Thursday, May 10, 2012

Step Four: Scratch Head and Mumble


I attached the skirt and I'm now debating whether or not I should redo it.  It's okay, but not nearly as full as I'd like.  My reasons for not immediately ripping it off and adding more (I have plenty of fabric left) is that I hate, HATE, HAAATE gathering fabric.  Just gathering the fabric to attach it to the skirt, I broke the thread once and nearly dissolved into all manner of cursing.

If I had some cording, I could do the zig-zag trick, but I'm wishing instead for enough money to buy a ruffler foot.

Edited to add: I've ripped the skirt off. Now just trying to determine the best amount of fabric to give the gathered skirt a nice, full silhouette.

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  1. If you have a dress you currently love in about the same fabric weight, measure the skirt to waist ratio and replicate it. I go fuller as I have a thick waist and I want there to be an illusion of narrowing. You want to be careful not to get too wide though or you can kind of start looking square dance-y. Also, if you have a big bum like me, you'll be adding bulk where you don't necessarily want it because of the gathers. That's why I don't usually go for square panel skirts - they give me a giant butt and waist.



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