Friday, June 24, 2011

Senility already?

I had an idea for a post yesterday.  I wanted to talk about my frustrations with juggling TWO children now.  I started to type out--one-handed--my thoughts on the subject, but the needs of a newborn took over and the entry was left unfinished.

I sat down a moment ago and tried to recapture my thoughts.  I got nothing.  Could only recall in vague brush strokes the point that I was trying to make.  I'd had a definite direction that I wanted to take my post--lost that direction almost entirely.  Cripes.  I was left only with the continued frustration and guilt that I feel about not being able to adequately balance my duties to my daughter and my duties to my son.  THOSE FEELINGS I still have in abundance.  Ugh.

1 comment:

  1. I am sure that it doesn't reassure you too much, but Taylor is a top notch young lady! I am sure that you will find the right way to give her some sort of balance to all the time she may not be getting from you right now. Between an infant and a teen, Taylor has the greater ability to be patient and understanding and know that the larger amount of attention that Declan needs will ease in the none to distant future.
    I know I wont always be sitting in your living room like I was the other day to help out, but I'm pretty close by and willing to show up when I can, for Taylor too :D



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