Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ah, the lessons learned from working hastily... A few corrections

In my haste to hammer out a post yesterday, I managed to generate a fair amount of confusion. I hope to clarify and correct a few incorrect assumptions.

#1: At this point we have no reason to believe that Declan's pediatrician is in error with his diagnosis. Nor do we feel the need to replace him. He is both very supportive of breastfeeding and of alternate vaccine schedules. In fact, he would prefer that Declan be supplemented not with formula, but with my breast milk. The problem, however, is that I cannot express/pump enough milk to adequately supplement; hence the recommendation to add formula to Declan's diet. A recommendation, I should add, that was initiated by the lactation consultant, not the doctor. Doctor would, again, prefer breast milk for Declan.

#2: Declan's pain and discomfort are being treated with anti-reflux medication. Like all medications, it takes some time to work. Declan's horrible day yesterday was due in large part to his increased food intake. Once his meds kick in, his pain should dissipate. His misery (and ours) is only temporary. For now, we really cannot lessen his intake as he is way too under weight.

I had a miserable day yesterday, but I do know that this current situation shall improve. Declan's reflux will get better. So long as we continue to supplement, he will also gain weight. For now, it sucks, but it's for the best.

This morning we had a bit of a relapse of tears and fussiness, but we also saw some serious improvement. Declan and I are learning the delicate balance of feeding just enough and often enough to pack on the pounds while keeping down the food. It'll take time, but we will master this crazy dance.

I do very much appreciate all the kind words and unwavering support. And I apologize for giving anyone the impression that Declan is not receiving top quality care. Rest assured that should we feel that Declan needs a change in care we will certainly see that he gets it.

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  1. Ah, little babies. I remember wishing Little Man could talk so I'd know why he was screaming at me. At least you have an idea and know what direction to go in, even if it is tough. I remember well one day sitting on the couch, bidding Hubby farewell as he went off to work, sleep-deprived and frustrated tears streaming down my face as my little one screamed in my ear for the upteenth hour with no consolation. If one person suggested I had postpartum, I'd box them in the nose. I hadn't slept for days, people! How are you supposed to cope on no sleep? Keep up the good fight, doll.



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