Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dx: GERD--one week

It's been one full week since we had to start dealing with Declan's reflux and supplementation.  I am very pleased to report that things have improved.

Last Wednesday was a nightmare.  We had to feed Declan more than he usually eats which caused his reflux to flare up which lead to a most unhappy little boy.  It was a nasty cycle of feed--spit-up--feed--spit-up.  He was in such pain that he was practically screaming whenever he was not actively eating.  By the end of the day, everyone in the house had shed tears.

Since that day, we've only had one teensy relapse--and that was for about an hour today.  After a nap this afternoon, he decided that he was starving, but not interested in breastfeeding.  As I am no lactation expert, I'm not at all sure why he was fighting nursing, but he would nurse for a bit, stop, and then start screaming in hunger.  We eventually just gave him a bottle of breast milk.

As I've mentioned, aside from the incident today, he has been terrific.  Sure, the reflux still brings about several spit-ups a day, but they are much more manageable and do not appear to be quite as painful.  Additionally, I can very happily report that Declan has gained about a pound this week.  Not quite, but almost.  Our in-home scale is not very sophisticated, so we cannot  be certain as to exactly how many ounces he's gained, but we are all very pleased to see him heavier.

In the coming week, we are going to continue with the current regimen and hope that he can put on even more weight.  I have continued pumping and am seeing that while not as efficient as hand-expression (though far more practical), my supply is increasing.  Declan has a follow-up appointment as well, so we are very hopeful to be able to report significant improvements.

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