Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hair woes

I made the "mistake" of watching The Women (1939) again recently.

Why is this a mistake?  Well, now I'm wishing that my hair were as positively darling as Norma Shearer's.  Granted, mine is a touch curlier, more like Joan's, but for some reason the two women who really inspire me are Norma and Rosalind.  (Rosalind's outrageous Schiaparelli-esque outfits leave me simultaneously in stitches and swooning.)

In the past, I have been able to pull off a similar 'do as Shearer's, but I hesitate to run out and chop off my locks for a couple of reasons:

For starters, I lack a great hairdresser for such styles in my area.  I know an amazing one, Sandra D, but the drive up to her shop is murder for this Long Beach gal.

I do have a gal who will cut my hair as I direct her to do so (some stylists naturally baulk at the client directing them), but she isn't the most technically proficient.  I've had to make a few corrections post-appointment, alas.

Additionally, I just do not have the luxury of the time required to wear my hair like Norma's every day. Declan is much more hands-off these days, not requiring constant attention, but he still needs enough to keep me too busy each day.  My experience with such a haircut is that it looks positively AWFUL when it isn't carefully styled.

So, poo.

Did you ever cut or dye your hair against your better judgement?

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  1. this is me. when my grandmother died in '00, i took the caboodle with all my make-up and tossed it into the nearest dumpster - so liberating! i also stopped dying my hair (i'd only dyed it like four times at that point anyway!). then two years ago, i decided to go au naturel. i trim the ends myself and use organic shampoo (hemp).

    as for haircut regrets? yes. when i first moved in with preston and his parents in 1995, i went to see the lady who does jan's hair. big mistake. i asked for a dusting and relayering. the woman cut three inches off my hair. i pitched a conniption and refused to pay her (though i think art went back and paid her later). since then, i've been even more picky about who and what gets done to / with my hair!

    the picture of you at the foot of this post is cracking me up.



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