Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grown-up Time

Tonight, the fella and I are going out just the two of us.  We were able to convince the teenager to watch the baby.  I'm confident that she'll do just fine, but her occasional anxiety when Declan cries in the car has me mentally preparing for the possibility of calling it an early night.  Declan is MUCH improved from where he was when first diagnosed with GERD, but he can kick up a real good fuss every once in a while.

The event that Brian and I are attending is a special tour and event at the Los Angeles Coca Cola building. As the building is not open to the public, I'm pretty stoked.  Plus, I thought that it would be a gas to dress in Coca Cola red.  I have only two red articles of clothing.  One is a cotton day dress with delicate floral print all over it.  As seen here:
Great summer dress, but not very fancy

The other option is a gorgeous red knit dress from the 1950s.  But yeah, knit.  In summer.  At least it's a cotton knit, but still.  Not to mention that my postpartum body is not at all attractive in a clingy knit number.

So, on Friday I decided to do some quick shopping to find a suitable skirt or dress.  The two + hours that I spent that afternoon would have been much more enjoyable had I instead stayed home and drilled random holes into my skull.  It was that bad.  I knew that finding a good red would be difficult, but I failed to account for the ego-crushing feelings associated with finding the perfect item, in what is normally my size AND what is normally a couple of sizes too large, but not being able to fit my ample a** into any of them.  Ouch.

I've decided, as Brian will be wearing his white linen suit, to attempt to squeeze into enough foundation garments to make my figure not too horrifying for the red knit dress.  Failing that, I'll wear the cotton summer shirtdress.  

Now, who's going to take bets to see just how quickly this evening out comes to a screeching halt?  I do hope that we're at least able to enjoy all of the tour.

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  1. My ego took a beating yesterday just trying to find a bra. Its tough, and even the sales girl at one shop reminded me to tear the tags out and forget about the numbers on them. More easily said than done. I'm on that tightrope where the "normal stores" don't have a size for me, but the plus sized shops aren't fitting me properly either. And it never fun to find a frock that makes your heart skip a beat only to put it on and find that your figure makes it look like upholstery, which is all to often how I feel when shopping.

    I am not the most clothing savvy broad on the planet, but I really like that dress in the picture and I imagine that you could accessorize it up a little, if need be.

    Don't let the clothing stress take an ounce of joy out of your date night though! It wont remove your body issues, but I always think you pull off classy and sassy when you're dolled up. You are one of my beauty inspirations, Lily!

    Enjoy the tour! It sounds like so much fun!



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