Friday, July 8, 2011

Ten weeks

Ten weeks ago, at almost exactly this time, I met my son face-to-face.  The last ten weeks have certainly been intense--almost as intense as his actual birth.  We've dealt with the usual newborn fun of diapers, spit-up, sleepless nights.  We certainly did not plan on also dealing with a touch of jaundice, latch issues, gastroesophageal reflux disease, thrush, weight gain troubles.  But we've faced them all and are coming out on top.

But there are wonderful milestones, too.  Declan has learned to smile.  For the past few weeks, he melts our hearts with the sweetest of grins.


He has also begun to giggle.  No full-fledged laugh just yet, but occasional hiccup-ish noises as he smiles.  It's just too darling for words.

Since Declan was a fews old, he has tried to hold his head up.  He's become a real champ at it with only fleeting moments of bobble-head.  Also on the muscle-control front, he has begun to "regard" his hands.  He tries to grab certain items, namely my boob while he nurses, and he loves pumping his arms and legs in excitement.  He has become very strong for a newborn and even likes to "stand" quite often.

Our little man is alert and active as ever, too.  From his third day his pediatrician has constantly remarked about how vibrant and curious Declan is.  At D's last visit, the doctor had to remark on how strong he has become, too.  Despite the weight issues, we've always felt that Declan is otherwise so healthy.  Hearing it from the doctor helps, too.  His GERD has vastly improved in just the last couple of days, even.  He's keeping down the supplemental formula/breast milk so well, only a handful of spit-ups!

I am very much looking forward to his next few weeks.  I cannot wait to hear his full laugh and to watch him roll over (he almost rolled completely from back to front this morning!).  In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy his sweet disposition and his charming smile.

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