Friday, October 21, 2011


I have book lust.  Again.  This time the book that I am desperate for isn't even out yet (and no, it isn't by Geo. R. R. Martin).  No, I'm going crazy in anticipation of Sarai Mitnick's Colette Sewing Handbook. (Why did my fingers want to type Sewing Handcock?)

I am still struggling to finish my fall wardrobe.  I seriously suspect that it'll be winter, or GASP! spring before I'm even done, but this book has me slavering to get back into the groove.  Five patterns, lots of tips and tricks... I so want this book!


Oh, and yes.  I do envy all of you with iPhone 4s.  I waited since June to upgrade and now that it's here, I don't have one.  I tried to score one earlier this week with no success.  Everywhere is sold out and I hate the delayed gratification of ordering one online when, in theory, I should just be able to pop into a store and buy one.  Some theory, though.  No one has any.


Lastly, I have a silly desperate desire to buy an airbrush make-up kit.  Why, no, I haven't done professional make-up in ages.  Sure, I used to do make-up professionally, but do I really need an airbrush kit now?  Of course not.  Which is perhaps why I want it all the more.  Sheer silliness.

So, you know what to do--send me cash. ;)  Or, write me a check just like this busty gal is doing.

Oh, yes.  I can be bought.


  1. Don't envy my iPhone too much. When I was dictating a text to Siri, instead of writing "six isn't too late in the day for us" she typed "sex isn't too late in the day for us". Just call me Miss Afternoon Delight.

  2. Well Lily, the Southern California weather is certainly accommodating your fall wardrobe delay. I was so thrilled to wear my big green autumn sweater last night, but it seems we are in for another heated spell again. Boo says I!

    I now am nuts to get my hands on a Vitamix. I think that all of the problems in my life might come together into bliss if only I had one. Its supposed to be soup season after all.



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