Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GWW Photos

Below are some random photos from Great Western War.  I was not able to capture too many shots this year, was a bit occupied with Declan, but the shots that include me were stolen from Facebook.
La Famiglia Gate (entrance to our camp spot)

View into camp from the gate

Camp view from kitchen
Declan and I (photo by Jen C Kelly)

Company of St. George Procession begins
Elizabeth of Gyldenholt wears daddy's death mask
Sir Gavin's armor
Death Helm

Rommelpot! (photo by Kristina Gundersen-Rudmann)
Dylan, Padraic, Morgana, Declan and I (I hope I spelled the names correctly!) (photo by Kristina Gundersen-Rudmann)

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  1. "Dylan, Padraic, Morgana, Declan and I". I wanted to name Thomas "Dylan Thomas" (of course), but one of my aunts called me in a panic one day not long before he was born. We got into an argument. She said I couldn't name my baby that. I said I could. She finally got it through my thick skull that I couldn't name my baby Dylan Thomas Dillon ... whoops!!



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