Sunday, August 3, 2014

[peaceful parenting] Bomem

I have long been fascinated by language. Now that Declan is becoming quite the chatterbox, I am often tickled by his mispronunciations and his currently understanding of words. 

I know that I have already forgotten some of his "cute-isms" so I am jotting down what can come to mind now for future enjoyment:

--Bomem: n. Bottom
--Emek: v. To open (no longer in current use)
--Perperp: n. Toilet paper
--P Balls: n. Paintballs


  1. my favorite of micah's so far is "nannoo". that and he calls me mollo.

    me: micah, say water.
    micah: nannoo
    me: water
    micah: nannoo
    me wah
    micah: wah
    me: ter
    micah: ter
    me: wah-ter
    micah: wah-ter
    me: water
    micah: nannoo


    1. One of Declan's favorite toys is a pirate ship named Bucky. He has never heard that word, so he calls the ship "Monkey."

      Me: Buh, buh, Bucky.
      Declan: Buh, buh, buh, MONKEY!



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