Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Step One: Acquire Supplies--check

Have you checked out Craftsy.com yet?

Several months ago, I purchased the Sew Retro class by Gertie from Craftsy.  In it, she uses these large sheets of tracing paper to transfer pattern information to her fabric.  I figured that such paper would be easy to find at my local craft store, so set out to buy some.  Boy, was I wrong!  I struggled, and eventually settled for some small "meh" paper.  It worked, but what a pain.  Constantly repositioning my pattern pieces, and battling with the paper.  Ugh.

A few weeks ago, I decided to purchase the Couture Dress class by Susan Khalje from Craftsy.  I knew that I would be sewing a few things for some up-coming events and figured it would be lovely to add some couture elements to the garments.  Just like Gertie, Susan Khalje also uses the large rolls of tracing paper.  (If fact, it was probably Susan who turned Gertie onto the paper.)  This time, I paid closer attention to where they purchased their paper: Richard the Thread.

Come to find out, Richard the Thread is in my backyard here in southern California!  So today I finally took the time to drive up to purchase some paper.

Richard the Thread is mainly a supplier of corset-making goods.  Grommets, busks, boning, coutil, lacing cord, et cetera are all in stock at their store.  But they also have patterning supplies, dress forms, and even irons.  I was in need of their custom-made waxy tracing paper.  Each sheet is 26 inches by 39 inches and they carry a variety of colors to suit any fabric.  I picked up some red and some yellow, to cover most bases.  But they also carry a special light blue paper just for white fabrics.  (The wax on the paper is often permanent once transferred to fabric.)

The folks at Richard the Thread are lovely and very helpful, btw.  So I know that I will certainly be back at some point, not just when I run out of tracing paper.  I am already planning a corset for future.


  1. Ooo, I *hadn't* heard of Craftsy before, but I'm on there now!
    My Craftsy - http://www.craftsy.com/user/644835

    1. I've purchased two classes via the site so far and I've learned a great deal from both. I've yet to actually MAKE the projects highlighted in the classes, but I've definitely being using the techniques learned to some success.



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