Sunday, February 26, 2012

that one thing doesn't exist in my life

While listening to NPR this morning, I heard a snippet about a guy who gave up a good career to follow his somewhat unconventional dream.  Over the years, I have heard a few such stories.  Often, I wished that I could follow in such footsteps, except I cannot for one simple reason: 
I do not have just one dream.  I have too many.
Never in all of my years have I been obsessed with just one thing.  If I did, life would be so much simpler.  No, I have always been the person who just LOVES too many things to even count.  There is no way that I could boil it all down to just one obsession.  
How else can I explain why I devote so much time to Deco, but also have a closet full of medieval clothing?  Because I just cannot decide on ONE hobby.  (Is this where I should also mention the boxes upon boxes of other hobbies that are clutter my home?)
I love to game.  I love to sew.  I love to read.  I love, and love, and love to do too much.  I want to travel, but I also want to homestead.  I’d love to work, but I love staying at home.  I could go on and on.
Oh, if only it were simpler.  But, perhaps, it would not be nearly as much fun.  (Teensy bit of diverse evidence below.)

Anachronistic 14th Century Mama

The family that BRRRAAAINS together...

Cigar?  Don't mind if I do

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  1. No matter the century, decade, or state of decay, you are one classy broad Lily! ;)



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