Sunday, November 13, 2011

ADSLA Volunteer Appreciation Night

5209 Wilshire Blvd.
It's nice being appreciated.  Tonight, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles did just that for its regular volunteers.  They held a cocktail party and shindig at the Deco Building on Miracle Mile in LA.

Brian and I got a sitter and headed out for a night of fun.  As usual, the crowd was divine.  We were able to socialize with many of our good friends from the ADSLA.  Like-minded folks who hold the years between the World Wars with great esteem, and so many of them looked amazing.  There really is no other word for it.

This is the front reception desk--cool, eh?
The event itself was wonderfully intimate.  At its most crowded, there were probably only about fifty people.  There was never a long wait for either the bar or for the food, it was perfect.

The building itself is wonderfully Deco.  The current owners have put a lot of work into restoring it.

Check out the deco details!
Even the lighting features the zigzag

Brian and I closed the night at the table
Oh, and the party also had a blackjack table!  How great is that!  We were playing for Tootsie Pops.  I managed to come home with two, Brian outdid me--he won three or four.

To reward the volunteers, there was an opportunity drawing.  We received a ticket for each event we volunteered for.  I put most of my tickets in the pot for the free Household Membership (2 people)--and we won!  Sure, we would have renewed anyway, but this way it's free!

The table just beyond this grate is made from an airplane wing--it was gorgeous!

As the building was a former bank, it came with the old bank doors

Hit me!

Overall, we had a terrific time and were definitely looking forward to volunteering more so as to be able to attend the next one.
Yours truly, en route

Oh!  And as we were leaving, the DJ for the night (there was period perfect tunes playing in the background) approached us with a CD of the evening's music!  Drinks, treats, gambling, and music!?  Who could ask for more!?

Brian is ready to go


  1. I used to live a few blocks from there, and would peak in whenever I walked by. I wondered what it had been in its glory years. I'm so happy to see it restored to such a lovely state!! Now that I have a job, I'm thinking I can afford membership finally!!!

    Glad you had a great time!



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