Friday, May 27, 2011


This is me:

Note the retro dress and hair.  Yes, I tend, stylistically, toward the past.  Note, if you can, the stove behind me.  Rumor has it that is an exact duplicate of the stove that graced Lucy and Desi's kitchen.

(While you're gawking, go ahead and note the beer.  I do love a good brew.)

This was my family, back in 2010:

That's myself, my daughter, and my husband.

THIS, is our newest addition:

Meet my son, Declan.  Don't you just love that Children of the Corn stare?  

He is, as of today, exactly four weeks old.  In that time, he has turned our lives upside down--but largely for the better, of course.  However, constantly nursing a newborn has put a serious damper and in my formerly more dapper style.  It's nigh impossible to wet set one's hair while simultaneously breastfeeding.  

That's where this journal comes in--to chronicling my adventures in trying to reconcile my Art Deco life and my roles and wife and mother of two.  Welcome, this should get interesting...

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